Task Life cycle overview

Understanding the task life cycle and the various stages that a task passes through.

Each Task will have its own workflow associated with it. The task may need to be reviewed or amended before being forwarded internally, mailed, externally or any other process according to business needs and business processes.

Each User will only have access to Tasks at certain times depending on his/her Role or Permissions. Additionally, Tasks will only be available for editing / amending by certain users depending on the current stage of the Workflow in the Task Life cycle and the User’s Role or Permissions.

Each Task will have a status attached to it as it moves through the Task Life cycle.


These Statuses are:-

  • In Progress – Any task that has not as yet been completed and submitted to the Road Warrior Infrastructure;
  • Task Completed – A task that has been completed and received by Road Warrior;
  • Awaiting Approval – A task that has been submitted for approval after being edited;
  • Approved – A task that has been approved;
  • Declined – A task that has been declined after being submitted for approval;
  • Overdue – any task that is not Closed before the Due Date; and
  • Closed – A task that has been closed and can no longer be changed / edited.
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