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Solar Installations and Maintenance

Capture inspections on site, take pictures and correct or amend off site to produce quality quotes that represent your brand.

Rapid Professional, Consistent Branding

Stand out from your competitors by raising the bar on your customer engagements.  Populate your proposals using on-site pictures and notes into your professional templates for personalised offers to customers.

Comprehensive audits detailing possible installation options

Easily produce 

accurate installation notes

Provide accurate work orders for the installation with anticipated requirements for fitting and commissioning.

Improved Cash Flow

Ensure quick payment on deposits or balance on installation using a payment gateway and customer sign-off.

Easy inspection and audit management

Keep track of your teams on site with less effort, freeing up time for more business.

Key Benefits

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What are your Professional Services?

Our Professional Services provides onboarding, implementation, and training support delivered by a team of dedicated experts who will provide tailored services to meet your specific needs.

What do your Professional Services include?

Three services are available: onboarding and implementation, training, and form- and workflow-building services.

What types of support and training are available through your Professional Services?

You can have forms and workflows built to streamline your onboarding process or to support new initiatives and enhancements. Custom training is also available to accommodate users, admins, and all experience levels.

How can these services help us tailor the offering to our specific business needs?

Get forms and workflows expertly designed specifically for your unique use case by our Professional Services team. Whether you want to hit the ground running, revamp existing forms and workflows, or design a new process from the ground up, we can handle it.

What is the typical duration for onboarding and implementation with these services?

The length of onboarding and implementation services will depend on your specific needs and use case.

Do your Professional Services include hands-on assistance?

Yes. Engage our Professional Services to build your forms and workflows for you. After identifying your unique needs, our team will work on customizing your specific needs. You can also request training tailored for new or experienced users and admins.

What is the pricing structure for these services?

Pricing for our Professional Services depends on the scope of your project and training needs. To learn more or start a project, contact the FormsRUs team.

How does your dedicated support differ from its Professional Services?

The dedicated team of experienced support engineers who serve our Enterprise clients can answer questions submitted via our ticketing system and consult with you via scheduled Zoom calls. They can offer guidance and suggestions for best practices should you have questions when building your forms and workflows, but our dedicated customer support team will not build forms for you.

The Professional Services team can create your forms and workflows, and offer tailored and dedicated training for your unique use case.