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Field Procurement

Enable your Staff and Supervisors to order from the field
Better Control, Audit and Reconcile Fixed Assets

If the thought of moving to an e-procurement process gives you chills, you’re not alone. Many purchasing managers worry that e-procurement is too complicated and opens their organization up to privacy concerns and errors. Not to mention the time it’ll take their team to learn a new process.

We know you’ve probably heard pitches about the benefits of making all your processes electronic. But there are some very important benefits to e-procurement that you may not have considered.

When you factor in the reduction in procurement errors, costs, and paperwork, a switch to e-procurement might just have your employees and the environment thanking you.

End-to-End Fixed Asset Tracking

Schedule, track and conduct multiple Inventory Inspections and Reconciliations across various sites using a single, easy-to-use mobile platform.

Auto Identify and Update Asset Status

Scan fixed assets barcodes to identify fixed assets and automatically capture location with GPS.

Key Benefits

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