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Mobile Inspections and Checklists

Ditch the clipboards with an easy-to-use mobile app that presents checklists and inspections in a digital format.

Rounds Planning is a Breeze with Our Highly Configurable Apps

Mobile Inspection or, a ‘Check and Inspect’ solution, helps to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve reporting accuracy. The tool gives you the means to build your own custom forms, workflows, checklists, and audits both online and offline.

Paper inspections and checklists offer lots of challenges. They can be easily lost. They are difficult to change when regulatory or business needs shift. The data collected on these sheets of paper have to be re-entered into a system of record and it could be hours or days before a serious problem is identified.

Our Mobile Inspections and Checklists solution solves these challenges by empowering anyone with a mobile phone to collect equipment data and inspect equipment with a few taps.

They can raise notifications for urgent maintenance work in real-time, eliminating any delays. 

Forms can easily be modified in minutes when regulations change or a new piece of equipment requires different procedures. Dynamic fields validate measurements as they’re entered and ensure no critical steps are skipped.

Easily Digitize Paper Forms

What You See is What You Get editor lets you convert paper forms in no time with no coding experience required.

Improve Collaboration with Annotations

Frontline workers can capture images, videos and annotate with specific areas of focus to improve cross-team collaboration and reduce costly communication gaps.

Integrate Workflows Based on Predefined Business Rules

Configure conditions and thresholds to trigger actions. Send automatic notifications, emails and push notifications to team members.

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