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Vehicle Inspections

With digital forms, inspections can be easily scheduled and tracked, and inspection results can be recorded and stored

Better Control, Audit and Reconciliation of Your Assets on the Road

Improve your vehicle management by controlling, auditing, and reconciling your vehicles. This can be achieved through proper maintenance, monitoring fuel usage, and keeping track of repairs and maintenance logs.

By implementing a tracking and reporting system, you can efficiently manage your fleet and optimize it for cost savings. This will not only ensure safety and compliance but also increase productivity and profitability. It’s essential to not overlook the importance of vehicle management and to take the necessary steps to maintain a well-managed fleet.

Some benefits of using a vehicle inspection checklist

  • By enforcing form content, ensure that every part gets checked .
  • Captures which parts need maintenance work, replacement or repair. 
  • Inspect the vehicle’s safety, to ensure the safety of passengers.
  • Prevent small issues from turning into to costly repairs.

Check every part of the vehicle

Regularly inspect the tires, brakes, lights, wipers, fluid levels, and any other parts that are prone to wear and tear. 

Ensure Passenger Safety

Ignoring any small issues could lead to bigger problems and put the driver and passengers at risk.

Inform Inspector which parts of the

A proactive approach to safety and a commitment to continuous improvement can help to create a safer and more secure transportation experience for all passengers.

Key Benefits