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Overview of Road Warrior Solution

Road Warrior enables companies to convert a paper based process into an electronic format and process which is the first step in a digital transformation journey.

Inspections currently being performed against a paper-based form have to be recaptured into the current process. However, the information captured tends not to be reusable elsewhere in the company – for example to extract trends, management dashboards that track key indicators and data for analytical forecasting.

In addition, the paper-based tasks are scheduled and need to be managed using complex diary management techniques including a combination of whatsapp, paper-based diary and outlook diaries. Road Warrior addresses this requirement by allowing the administration department or dispatcher to schedule the tasks ahead of time, providing the correct e-form for the task.

While the solution has a number of pre-configured e-forms, customised forms are possible to ensure consistent reporting to maintain your standard of quality to the tasks at hand.

Road Warrior has a simple workflow engine that allows for various Roles and Permissions that take place in the task management cycle and these are shown below:-

Depending on your customised implementation, these roles may be performed by a single individual but the steps pertaining to the role will remain the same.

Example: If one employee is the Back Office Administrator, the Mobile Device User as well as the Finalisation Manager, then he would perform all the roles described as a single user.

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