What is the difference between a Role, Permission, User, and Team?

We use certain terminology in Road Warrior that might need a little explanation.

In any solution that involves a team of workers there is usually a requirement to separate functions and responsibilities within the group.

This might be for performance measurement, concerns of security of data between members, duplication of work assignments and so forth.

For this reason we have implemented a number of controls that you are able to implement to control authority or ability to perform certain functions.

What is a User?

A User is a any member of your organisation that is able to interact with the Road Warrior solution. That might only be using the mobile application or only the console or that may be using both. A User may be assigned multiple Roles with associated Permissions.

What is a Role?

A Role is a title we use to distinguish the function that a user may or is able to perform. For example, if you are using Road Warrior to perform Inspections your would typically have Inspectors, Reviewers (of the inspection), Approver (of the final document) and an Administrator for the system. These Roles are created as part of the customisation for each individual company that implements the Road Warrior solution.

Each Role would have Permissions associated with that particular role. A User that is assigned that Role will by default receive those Permissions. Using the example above, an Inspector might be restricted to completing a Task whereas a Reviewer is able to adjust certain or all of the fields completed by the Inspector but is unable to approve the final inspection – a role reserved for the Finalisation Manager.

What is a Permission?

A Permission allows a User to perform a specific function or access a specific page. Permissions are assigned to a Role.

Using our example, the Approval Manager is able to view the finalised Task and Approve or Reject the Task / Assessment / Form as well as provide comment in the event of a decline on any given section / question / task as well as being able to view the Output Documents.

What is a Team?

A User is then assigned to a Team.

A Team is a convenient way in which to administer permissions for multiple users. So by assigning a User to a Team, they inherit the same Permissions.

A Team can used for:-

  • Separating business units from each other
  • Reporting functionality
  • Filtering data in the console and in reports
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