How Road Warrior works and why it will make a difference in my business.

What is Road Warrior?

Road Warrior simply allows you to replace your paper based forms and workflows and convert them easily into a digital workflow allowing everybody in your organisation to connect and understand what is going on at any stage of the workflow.

What type of paper based workflows can Road Warrior replace?

Road Warrior is designed to replace any paper based form, workflow or exercise. Working with hundreds of real people over the last 16 years, Road Warrior has developed a uniquely African methodology that allows anybody at any age to join the digital transformation journey.  

If you have a business that utilizes staff in the field , then you can use Road Warrior to:

Schedule tasks: Schedule your tasks across any number of task types (such as Job Cards, Inspections, Quotes, Sales Orders, Stock Takes, Etc.) easily across your team so that they know when and where tasks need to be done. Powered by Road Warrior Platform.

Automatic Reporting: Send and print dynamic PDF reports that generate automatically when you complete a Task, making it super easy to let somebody else know that a task has been completed.

AI Based Analytics: Get insights into your teams and the way that the teams work making sure that where possible, your teams are working at the most efficient rate possible. Powered by Road Warrior Analytics.

Automated Custom Notifications: Notify anybody at any stage of the workflow automatically with custom triggers included directly from the task itself. Powered by our Notification Center.

Integrate Existing Business Solutions: Work smart and not hard by allowing Road Warrior to connect to those core business systems (ERP, CRM, etc) and then feed data back after each task is completed. Connecting disparate and disconnected systems and people together is what makes Road Warrior to appealing to any customer.

Who uses Road Warrior?

Property & Portfolio Managers who want to manage the endless list of inspections and tasks that need to be done on a regular schedule but can’t cope with the never ending printing and scanning that is the property industry.

Technicians and Field Workers who want to see their task list for the day and complete tasks either at their own pace or in a predetermined order.

Building Managers who are tired of filling out paper work each time a fault is recorded, something happens or just in the ordinary course of daily business.

Construction Teams who need to schedule their teams to at site at particular times or after a predetermined configuration of tasks has been completed. Road Warrior is used to make sure that the delivery of a payload to a building site is only scheduled after the pre-delivery / pre-installation teams have cleared the site and confirmed that there is sufficient turning space or the required equipment is already on site.

Office Administration Teams who need to know when tasks have been completed so that they can schedule further tasks, payment requests and much more

Data Management Teams who want to ensure that data is captured and correctly maintained across different teams.

What makes Road Warrior different to the other solutions out there?

Unlike other solutions that require you to replace your existing systems or to learn new ways of completing your tasks, Road Warrior allows you to extend the reach of your existing business systems and without having to learn a new way of doing things.

Road Warrior is designed to make sure that you never have to change the way you do your business, it just works today without hassle.

Need to know more? We love to chat to our customers and have made it super easy, just start a conversation in the Messenger and ask away.

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