What Makes Road Warrior Different?

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Many of our competitors focus is in other areas of the workflow chain and have mobility as a result.

  • Our solution is focused on the business end of mobility – distributing, collecting, syncing data from mobile platforms
  • Once obtained, we produce simple operationally focused reports while making the data extractable for analysis by the business as required.
  • If further data is required for processing the flexibility of our solution allows the form in field to be modified to adjust to specific data mining requirements

Most mobile solutions require on-line connectivity and with 1st world carrier grade connectivity in mind

  • Mobile at Work designed its own sync engine to allow off-line submissions as well as on-line submissions – as a result, our applications work in areas where signal is not readily available
  • Our technology adapts itself to poor coverage and network speeds – particularly important when trying to squeeze photos through unreliable infrastructure

Most are based on web technologies

  • As a result, while flexible in look and feel, these applications tend to perform less efficiently than an application designed to optimise the mobile platform.
  • Mobile at Work’s applications are Java based and designed to exploit the native features of the OS

Many solutions are sourced internationally and are pretty inflexible with respect  to modifications

  • Mobile at Work is a local company that allows you direct interface with the development team.
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