What’s the right tool for managing your Sales Team ?  If you’ve worked in the corporate world you’ve probably heard of systems like SAP…

The other answer might be a CRM or Customer Relationship Management.

The problem with these is that they’re probably quite an overkill for what you’re trying to achieve.  Systems like SAP can (for a price) analyse complex processes and provide detailed explanations.

CRM focuses on keeping track of the interactions with your customers – when the last contact was made, name, address, ordering trends etc.

Road Warrior is a blend of technologies.  It focuses on managing and monitoring your mobile personnel – who happen to be visiting customers, taking orders and gathering information.

It focuses on practical issues that are important for Sales Manager that want to spend more time managing the selling activities rather than the targets that are being chased.

It’s built on the thinking that if I manage your personnel you’ll achieve the outcome in terms of targets.

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