Automate Time Consuming Call Reports

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It allows you to answer questions that are not followed by the CRM and SAP analysis tools – questions you really wanted to ask like :

  • Where are my customer locations/outlets/sites ?
  • Are my staff where they are meant to be and if not where are they now ?
  • Are they actually going to the customers they say they’re going to ?
  • What are they doing while at our customers ?
  • How do I manage the engagement without being there ?
  • Where are we spending our time ?
  • Am I spending my time effectively between Existing, Prospects and New Business ?
  • How much time is actually spent on-site at your customers ?
  • What proportion of my time is spent at each customer vs your recovery?

Answering these questions will help you decide if My perception of my customer interaction = My customer’s perception of our business?

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