Automation drives Effeciencies

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The statistics of the completed Task provide an insight as to the efficiency of the team and are often linked to personal Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the individual.

All of these involve an on-site visit that has to be planned, tracked, reported on with often some further process that needs to be initiated.

Road Warrior is a tool that assists you with digitizing the process to reduce paper in the system (reducing costs), inspection activities (speeding up the take-on/release/reassignment process), identifies poor and good performance from those personnel tasked with operational aspects of the process.

  • Automate manual business processes across your organisation
  • Publish and schedule tasks/inspections across your organisation
  • Manage all tasks and functions from anywhere using our always-on Road Warrior framework
  • Instant feedback on the status for every inspection/task in your business
  • Easy to understand User Interface
  • Dashboards, Reporting Studios & Data Analytics
  • Property Management Software Integration (E.G. MDA Property Systems)
  • Third Party Integration (Accounting Solutions)
  • Measure performance of individuals, departments or the entire company


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