Starting your Proof of Concept (POC) Trial

In this short walk through you will be taken through the creation, completion, submission and finalising of a Task on Road Warrior. In order to do this we have set up a simple form called POC TEST which allows you to understand the flow within the process that is possible using the Road Warrior service.

In order to proceed you will need to have registered with the Road Warrior service. This means you will have a login user ID and password that will be used to both login to the console and mobile app.

You will need to have access to the internet via the Chrome Browser and a mobile device compatible with the app.

Initially you will create a single task and send it to yourself on the mobile device, so there’s not too much to it.

Access to the Road Warrior Console

  • Needs to be a web browser using Google Chrome

  • Acrobat Reader installed so that you can see the PDF output.

  • The User ID and Password you registered with

  • Now use the URL to reach the login console

Download the mobile app

What you get when you login for the first time

In signing up for our Proof of Concept (trial) you will already have agreed on the demo forms that are most appropriate for your trial in addition to the POC Test form.

When your company has been set up for the trial, you will allocated a User ID and Password with which to login.

  • Your User ID will have been given the Role of Global Administrator and you will be authorised to Create, Update or Deactivate Tasks.

  • You will be able to complete a Task on a mobile device and submit that back to the console.

  • You also have the authority to open the completed Task and modify the raw information received from the field Task – Adding to the comments and generally cleaning up the form if you’re not happy with the level of explanation and so on.

  • You then have the authority to finalise the form, after which it may not be reopened.

Login to the Road Warrior console. You will notice the left hand side menu lists the Forms that you have been authorised to use.

These will include the POC TEST form and the Form that relates to the Task you will use during your trial period.

Creating your first Task

  • Navigate to the left hand side menu.

  • For the purposes of following this tutorial, select the POC TEST form.

  • On the left hand side menu, select Task Maintenance from the drop-down against the form.

  • Initially this will contain no tasks so you need to add one to begin

  • Select the ‘+‘ sign Icon to add a New Task

  • You will be presented with a pop up screen asking for the details required for creating the Task.

  • These will differ a little for each Form. This is to cater for more or less information required for a particular form but there are common fields in respect of date, forms etc.

  • In the case of the POC TEST form you will have the following :

  • Now select the option to ‘SAVE‘. If you simply exit or close, the data will be lost.

  • This time around you will see your new Task listed on the Console and the Status of the Task should read In Progress which means that the Task has been allocated and will shortly appear on the Mobile Device User’s device.

  • You will notice that you can perform actions against the Task – Add a Follow-Up Task, Edit the Detail or Deactivate the Task.

  • For now do nothing and move to the mobile device that you have sent the Task to.

Receive and Complete the Task on the Mobile Device

Now its time to complete and submit the Task on the Mobile User Device.

The Task that you have created in the previous step will be waiting in the cloud to be received by the device.

Without intervention, Tasks are automatically synched to the device in the following way:

  • Morning, Evening and Midday

  • Each time the User logs onto the mobile App

  • By the user requesting the device to Synch immediately

If you have not already logged onto the Road Warrior mobile app please do so before proceeding.

Ensure the Task on the Mobile Device has been sent

Although you have completed the Task, it may not have been sent. (The app checks every 15 minutes for completed forms to be sent to the office. )

You can tell this by looking at the icons at the top of the screen. The Queue Pending icon on the header will show a red asterix (bullet) indicating items in the queue.

(For more explanations on the device screen layout see Understanding the Mobile App Layout.

Alternatively you can force the Tasks to be sent immediately by selecting from the short-cut menu and selecting Synch Now.

Do this now and wait for the Task(s) to be submitted from the device.

View the Initial Completed Task on the Console

Its now time to see the result of the submission of the completed form.

Review the Completed Task on the Console

Its time now to Review the data collected and if you’re happy, Approve the final document.

Approve or Finalise the Task

You have reached the end of the Task lifecycle.

  • Navigate back to the left hand side menu.

  • Select the Form and then Task option.

  • Move the mouse to the Action column and select Finalise

Next Steps

Now that you have the idea of how forms are processed using Road Warrior its time to redo the exercise with the form template that most closely fits your business needs.

You shouldn’t have to use POC TEST again and when you move to full production we’ll remove it to avoid confusion.

Additional Users

When you agreed to the trial for Road Warrior, you gave us the names of users you wanted to include in the trial. These users will already have been added to your environment against your company and be available for use against your forms. For the Proof of Concept, you don’t have access to add or remove users and if you need any changes you’ll need to contact us.

Moving forward this functionality can be made available to you from the console.

Limiting or Enabling Functions to your Users Based on Business Role

The user profiles that have been set up against each user for the trial will dictate what permissions and roles they play during your business process. For example, you may want to prevent the Mobile Device User from having the ability to edit the form from the console. Alternatively you may want them to be able to change some fields and not others.

In the same way you may some users to play the role of Review while others Approve as a means of check and balance…

Similarly we are able to ensure a flow of forms between managers and subordinates using the Notifications settings.


The Notification settings dictate who needs to be notified along the process. They are not mandatory.

Each Form template has its own set of notifications – so some will have many and others may need less.

Reports and Analytics

While you will achieve efficiencies (and hopefully cost savings) using the Road Warrior app in the field, even more value can be extracted by viewing the analytics that we generate in the form of reports regarding your business. Standard reports are generated in terms of usage of the system – listing those tasks that were completed, became overdue, remain incomplete and so forth.

Even more value can be extracted to show the average time to process the form (which will compare favourably to the paper-based version) and where the delays in the task flow are occurring. For example, how often a Task needs to be Reviewed gives an indication of training or problem in completing the initial form. Long delays in Approvals may indicate that more resource might need to be dedicated to clearing the backlog.

The list of the information that can be extracted and be meaningful is too long to explore in this tutorial and will very from business to business.

Customised Forms and Reports

Customised reports and forms that compliment or enhance the effectiveness of Road Warrior are available in conjunction with the standard templates we provide.

Once you realise a utility like Road Warrior can can enhance your operation in driving efficiencies and enabling digital transformation in your business the team can produce customised reporting and forms as required.

Remember the licensing of Road Warrior is not limited to a single form – so the more forms you use to enable your mobile work force the more cost effective the solution.

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