Road Warrior Overview

Road Warrior is a cloud-based framework offering that solves your data processing and management problems. With industry-leading security and simple yet effective interfaces, it’s the perfect solution to a problem many organisations face today.

Road Warrior is our cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that will allow your business to capture, store, process data whilst allowing for automated workflows that increase your business’ efficiency. Add to that the ability to track the entire process from start to end and your business will thank you for introducing Road Warrior.

It was built to perform several functions but has its roots in the digital transformation space. Traditionally businesses mostly relied on an individual completing a manual form and then sending this form off to the data processing department for digital capturing. Once captured, the data is then processed and the net result is a printed report that adds to the paper-based nightmare that we know as archiving.

Road Warrior will effortlessly replace all these functions and automate the process with alerts, reports, notifications and much more. Road Warrior will also combine your captured data and present that in a human-readable form that allows you to maintain control of your business and keep a watchful eye on where the business processes slow down. It’s been built with industry-leading simple Mobile Interface.

With the increasing distribution of smartphones, tablets and wearables, most companies now require their processes to be improved in their efficiency through a complete digital data processing solution. Road Warrior answers that call with simple forms/templates, easy-to-use mobile app, intuitive web console and automated alerts and reporting. In short, Road Warrior will deliver real-time information to you and your team with a complete overview of the entire business.

Industries That Love Road Warrior

Mobile At Work has successfully implemented Road Warrior in a variety of industries and that is a testament to Road Warrior’s ability to scale dynamically and effectively. Each industry has its own set of requirements and nuances that need to be addressed. We pride ourselves on being able to address each industry and it’s unique needs thereby ensuring that the implementation will always be successful.
Road Warrior will scale to the size of your business and its unique requirements. Some industries that have successful implementations are:-

  • Wine & Beverage
  • Telecommunications
  • Property Management
  • Security (including cross country guarding and close protection divisions)
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Service & Maintenance

Easy and Simple Information Gathering

Through the implementation of a structured approach for visits and tasks, Road Warrior simplifies data collection and analysis.

Road Warrior offers the following advantages:

  • Visits and tasks can be scheduled by the office or on the mobile app.
  • Field reps or office managers can optimize routes.
  • Office managers visually assign stores to field reps, using a map.
  • Field reps have access to all data offline and can execute tasks without an Internet connection.
  • Unlimited photos can be collected and uploaded to the office.
  • Fraud prevention by GPS tracking all field activities.
  • Product catalog and orders/returns with multiple price lists and must-stock lists.
  • Unlimited number of devices per user.

Putting Road Warrior to Work

Road Warrior has been successfully implemented in several business functions across a variety of industries. Some examples of these successful implementations have been in:-

Market Research

  • Data Gathering (Merchandising)
  • Events and Promotions
  • Visual Branding Compliance
  • Competitive Activity

Property Inspections

  • Entry Inspections
  • Exit Inspections
  • Ad Hoc Inspections
  • Lift Inspections

Audit & Compliance Reports

  • Health & Safety Inspections
  • Fire Inspections & Audits
  • Safety Inspections & Audits